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We want to recommend our partner company FENIX PROPERTIES LTD, which provides a range of renovation and developing services.

It's no secret that Cyprus is the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea and attracts thousands of tourists every year. Many people buy property here for themselves and their business. Everyone wishes to own at least a small piece of the Mediterranean paradise. 

Despite the fact that it became easier to acquire real estate, the pitfalls associated with any type of real estate have not gone away. Imagine you have recently acquired property in Cyprus and now you are the proud owner of a house, apartment or office. What difficulties can you face and how to solve them? Let's see.

Of course, the first question that you have is whether your property needs repairs? We use several examples to answer this question.

For example, in your summer home, there may be several serious problems that can ruin any holiday. Mould on the walls, leaking roof and cracks in the foundation are just some of the problems you may encounter. Sometimes you just want to decorate your house, change its image and make it unique and your own.

An apartment purchased for a rental purpose may not be available at a reasonable price. And in this case, the renovation will help too. A fresh coat of paint on the walls and a new parquet floor will help convince a potential tenant that your apartment is worth its price.

The office is considered the face of the company due to a reason. Recently there has been a steady demand for renting office spaces by international companies. Due to the high-quality repair of the office, its rental rate greatly increases.

It is possible that you have a unique case, not like any of the above examples. No matter how unique or complex repairs you need, it is important that it can take you a lot of time and effort if you do not approach it correctly and with experience. Therefore, it is much easier to entrust your repair to a professional team.

For over 20 years of specializing in renovation of apartments, houses and offices. You need to paint a wall or waterproof your roof, professionals are ready to cope with any task you set. In FENIX PROPERTIES the client is always right!


The list of services 

Below you can find a full list of  services:


Full renovation, the turn-key solution

Full renovations, with the dismantling of all old contents: electrics, plumbing, kitchens and built-in wardrobes, windows and doors, floors. After dismantling the apartment or house is re-assembled according to your preferences. As a result, you get the apartment, office and house that you need.


Waterproofing of roofs and foundations, injection waterproofing

Using only the highest quality materials any leakage and dampness will be found and eliminated. 


Thermal insulation of walls and roofs

Your house is cold in winter and hot in summer? No problem. You will be fully assisted in tidiying up the climate of your home, and you can feel comfortable in any season and weather.



Water from leaking pipes can fairly drip not only on your nerves but also on the walls, floor and even the foundation of your house.  All plumbing works will be done on time and with a waterproof warranty.


Floor repairs

The floor is the foundation of your house, and if it’s not in order, it will affect the whole house. Repair of any flooring from tile to laminate, not forgetting about sound insulation and thermal insulation.


Decorative plaster

Nothing reflects your status and wealth like your walls, covered with exquisite decorative plaster. The professionals will help transform your home into a palace. Browse the gallery of the performed works with decorative plaster and see for yourself.


The process of ordering renovation with Fenix Properties Ltd

From your call to the end of the renovation:

  1. Request from you - call or write us an email.
  2. Measurements - our specialist will visit you.
  3. Estimation - an estimation will be made of all required renovation.
  4. Contract - a contract will be signed before the start of renovation.
  5. Renovation - renovation is made.

Ready to order a repair or still have questions? Call or email us and we will be happy to assist you.

Tel.: +357 99 518 541


Viber/Whatsapp: +357 99 518 541

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